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How do we restore degraded landscapes?

This is a central theme in the Brudvig Lab.  To answer it, we take a plant community approach, coupling restoration and landscape ecology to 1) seek the basic underlying drivers of ecological communities across space and time and 2) apply this knoweldge to the field of restoration ecology.

Latest news

11/2014 Lars is awarded the MSU College of Natural Sciences Teaching Prize.

11/2014 Lars visits UW-Madison to give a seminar on our prairie restoration research.

10/2014 Interested in graduate school in connectivity conservation?  We have an opening for a new student to work on questions related to how landscape corridors impact plant populations and/or communities.  [Click here] for more details and email Lars if you’re interested!

10/2014 New paper at Journal of Vegetation Science showing how fire frequency and agricultural legacies affect longleaf pine woodland understory richness.  A great paper containing a fantastic structural equation model, led by Joe V. [click for .pdf]

9/2014 New paper at Conservation Biology: a review of potential negative ecological effects of habitat corridors. [click for .pdf]

8/2014 Paper accepted at Ecography – Emily leads work investigating how historical agriculture affects beta diversity in present-day forest communities.

8/2014 New paper at Ecology showing how corridors can reduce native ant diversity by promoting invasive fire ants – among the very first demonstrations of a long-standing concern that corridors can pose a ‘danger’ by promoting invasive species. [click for .pdf] See write-ups at nsf.gov [link] and ScienceDaily [link]!


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