Welcome to the Brudvig Lab!

How do we restore degraded landscapes?

This is a central theme in the Brudvig Lab.  To answer it, we take a plant community approach, coupling restoration and landscape ecology to 1) seek the basic underlying drivers of ecological communities across space and time and 2) apply this knoweldge to the field of restoration ecology.

Latest news

8/2015 The lab heads to Baltimore for ESA.  Anna presents very interesting results of her year-effects experiment; Chad and Nash present at an organized session on biodiversity restoration (see EEB & Flow blog post).

7/2015 Christopher Warneke has joined the lab as a new Ph.D. and Meg Kargul as an REU student, both working within the Corridor Project.  Welcome Christopher and Meg!

6/2015 New papers in Oecologia, Ecography, and Forest Ecology and Management detailing effects of agricultural legacies on plant beta diversity and soil properties. Great work, Team!

3/2015 New paper in Science Advances: Habitat fragmentation and its lasting impact on Earth’s ecosystems.

3/2015 Anna passes her qualifying exams, too – great work, Anna!

3/2015 Chad passes his qualifying exams with flying colors – congrats Ph.D. candidate Zirbel!

11/2014 Lars is awarded the MSU College of Natural Sciences Teaching Prize.


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