Welcome to the Brudvig Lab!

How do we restore degraded landscapes?

This is a central question in the Brudvig Lab.  To answer it, we take a three-pronged approach:

1.Understand how humans impact the biodiversity and functioning of ecosystems.

2.Develop and test approaches for ecological restoration of human-damaged ecosystems and landscapes.

3.Use restored ecosystems to test fundamental ecological questions, such as the controls over community assembly and the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

Much of our work takes place in Midwestern (prairie, oak savanna) and southeastern (longleaf pine savanna) U.S. ecosystems, focusing on plant populations and communities, and plant-animal interactions.

Latest news

4/2017 Anna Groves receives an ESA Graduate Student Policy Award – congrats Anna!

3/2017 The lab welcomes long-time collaborator Tyler Bassett as a postdoc, working on prairie and oak savanna restoration.

2/2017 The lab welcomes Becky Barak through the David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellows Program!

1/2017 Three new papers out at Ecography, part of a special issue on habitat fragmentation.



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