Welcome to the Brudvig Lab!

How do we restore degraded landscapes?

This is a central theme in the Brudvig Lab.  To answer it, we take a plant community approach, coupling restoration and landscape ecology to 1) seek the basic underlying drivers of ecological communities across space and time and 2) apply this knoweldge to the field of restoration ecology.

Latest news

2/2017 The lab welcomes Becky Barak through the David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellows Program!

1/2017 Three new papers out at Ecography, part of a special issue on habitat fragmentation.

9/2016 Two new papers out in Ecology – ag legacy effects on plant biodiversity (led up by Nash) and fragmentation effects on herbivory!

8/2016 Who are we and what are we working on? Check out our poster from the recent Department of Plant Biology retreat.



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