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How do we restore degraded landscapes?

This is a central theme in the Brudvig Lab.  To answer it, we take a plant community approach, coupling restoration and landscape ecology to 1) seek the basic underlying drivers of ecological communities across space and time and 2) apply this knoweldge to the field of restoration ecology.

Latest news

4/2014 Paper accepted at Journal of Ecology – Emily and Lars show how the development of beta diversity during community assembly is affected by the size of the species pool – the number of species sown during prairie restoration.

4/2014 See Anna, Dan, and Dani in action at Plant Biology’s booth in the MSU Science Festival! Link to photo.

4/2014 Paper accepted at Journal of Vegetation Science showing how fire frequency and agricultural legacies affect longleaf pine woodland understory richness.  A great paper containing a fantastic structural equation model, led by Joe V.

4/2014 Anna and Chad are awarded KBS summer research fellowships in support of their respective work with prairie restoration.

4/2014 Chad is awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship – congrats, Chad!

3/2014 Congrats to (soon to be) Professor Grman!  Emily accepts a tenure-track position in the Department of Biology at Eastern Michigan University.

3/2014 Lars is awarded a grant through Project GREEEN to study how restoring prairie wildflower plantings to invaded old fields can promote pollination ecosystem services to fruit crops.

3/2014 New Nutrient Network paper at Nature – Herbivores and nutrients control grassland plant diversity through effects on light limitation.  Link to the paper. And an article at nsf.gov featuring this work.

2/2014 New paper in PNAS – How fragmentation and corridors affect wind-driven seed dispersal.  Link to paper. Check out the write-up at nsf.gov. And, at Nature (News and Views)!

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