8/2017 Four new papers out at Journal of Applied Ecology, part of a special issue on restoration ecology.

4/2017 Meg Kargul (Bessey Outstanding Undergraduate), Anna Groves (Fields Outstanding Teaching), and Chad Zirbel (Bessey Outstanding Research) receive top honors in Plant Biology at MSU!  Link to photo.

4/2017 Anna Groves receives an ESA Graduate Student Policy Award – congrats Anna!

3/2017 The lab welcomes long-time collaborator Tyler Bassett as a postdoc, working on prairie and oak savanna restoration.

2/2017 The lab welcomes Becky Barak through the David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellows Program!

1/2017 Three new papers out at Ecography, part of a special issue on habitat fragmentation.

9/2016 Two new papers out in Ecology – ag legacy effects on plant biodiversity (led up by Nash) and fragmentation effects on herbivory!

8/2016 Who are we and what are we working on? Check out our poster from the recent Department of Plant Biology retreat.

3/2016 We have a field technician opening to work on prairie restoration and plant community ecology in Michigan. Click here for the job ad.

2/2016 Lars is awarded the MSU Teacher Scholar Award – a wonderful honor!

1/2016 The lab welcomes Jonathan Bauer, who is conducting postdoc work on how prairie restoration affects plant and soil microbial communities, and ecosystem services.

10/2015 New paper in Restoration Ecology: Dispersal and establishment limitation during prairie restoration.

10/2015 New paper in Ecology: Influences of habitat fragmentation on plant-animal interactions and plant reproduction.

8/2015 The lab heads to Baltimore for ESA.  Anna presents very interesting results of her year-effects experiment; Chad and Nash present at an organized session on biodiversity restoration (see EEB & Flow blog post).

7/2015 Christopher Warneke has joined the lab as a new Ph.D. and Meg Kargul as an REU student, both working within the Corridor Project.  Welcome Christopher and Meg!

6/2015 New papers in Oecologia, Ecography, and Forest Ecology and Management detailing effects of agricultural legacies on plant beta diversity and soil properties. Great work, Team!

3/2015 New paper in Science Advances: Habitat fragmentation and its lasting impact on Earth’s ecosystems.

3/2015 Anna passes her qualifying exams, too – great work, Anna!

3/2015 Chad passes his qualifying exams with flying colors – congrats Ph.D. candidate Zirbel!

11/2014 Lars is awarded the MSU College of Natural Sciences Teaching Prize.

11/2014 Lars visits UW-Madison to give a seminar on our prairie restoration research.

10/2014 New paper at Journal of Vegetation Science showing how fire frequency and agricultural legacies affect longleaf pine woodland understory richness.  A great paper containing a fantastic structural equation model, led by Joe V. [click for .pdf]

9/2014 New paper at Conservation Biology: a review of potential negative ecological effects of habitat corridors. [click for .pdf]

8/2014 Paper accepted at Ecography – Emily leads work investigating how historical agriculture affects beta diversity in present-day forest communities.

8/2014 New Paper at Ecology – a prairie plant dataset for addressing questions in community ecology and restoration. Great job leading this up, Emily! [click for .pdf]

8/2014 New paper at Ecology showing how corridors can reduce native ant diversity by promoting invasive fire ants – among the very first demonstrations of a long-standing concern that corridors can pose a ‘danger’ by promoting invasive species. [click for .pdf] See write-ups at [link] and ScienceDaily [link]!

7/2014 New paper at Journal of Ecology – Emily and Lars show how the development of beta diversity during community assembly is affected by the size of the species pool – the number of species sown during prairie restoration. [click for link to .pdf]

7/2014 New paper at Forest Ecology and Management on oak savanna restoration in Michigan. [click for pdf]

6/2014 The lab welcomes Nash Turley – our new postdoc with the Remnant Project!

6/2014 The lab welcomes Melissa Burt – our new lead technician with the Corridor Project!

4/2014 See Anna, Dan, and Dani in action at Plant Biology’s booth in the MSU Science Festival! Link to photo.

4/2014 Anna and Chad are awarded KBS summer research fellowships in support of their respective work with prairie restoration.

4/2014 Chad is awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship – congrats, Chad!

3/2014 Congrats to (soon to be) Professor Grman!  Emily accepts a tenure-track position in the Department of Biology at Eastern Michigan University.

3/2014 Lars is awarded a grant through Project GREEEN to study how restoring prairie wildflower plantings to invaded old fields can promote pollination ecosystem services to fruit crops.

3/2014 New Nutrient Network paper at Nature – Herbivores and nutrients control grassland plant diversity through effects on light limitation. Link to the paper. And an article at featuring this work.

2/2014 John H. makes a trip up to MSU and gives a terrific Department of Entomology seminar on his work with  habitat fragmentation and arthropods.

2/2014 New paper in PNAS – How fragmentation and corridors affect wind-driven seed dispersal.  Link to paper. Check out the write-up at And, at Nature (News and Views)!

2/2014 New grant from NSF to study how landscape connectivity affects plant community diversity within the Corridor Project experiment.

2/2014 Big congrats to Dani for advancing to candidacy!

1/2014 Paper published at PLoS ONE: quantifying ecological reference models for restoring longleaf pine woodlands. Click for web link.

12/2013 Lars visits University of Illinois to talk about biodiversity restoration.

11/2013 Remnant Project paper published at Forest Ecology and Management.  Longleaf pine woodland soils and plant communities bear marked legacies of former agricultural land use, even 60 years after ag has been abandoned and forests have regrown.

11/2013 Nutrient Network paper published at Global Change Biology – predicting patterns of exotic plant species richness and dominance in the world’s grasslands.

10/2013 SER meeting in Madison: Lars talks about restoration and exotic species and Joe V. about longleaf pine ecology and restoration.

9/2013 Lars visit Indiana University to talk about biodiversity restoration.

9/2013 Emily‘s paper on confronting contingency in the restoration of prairie plant communities is out in the current issue of Journal of Applied Ecology.  And, selected as the Editor’s Choice!  Read commentary by Marc Cadotte.

9/2013 In collaboration with Jen Lau and Kay Gross, the lab estblishes the latest Nutrient Network site at Kellogg Biological Station.  See a photo of us in action!

8/2013 The lab heads to ESA.  Presentations by: Emily on contingency in restoration, John on stable isotopes, corridors, and seed dispersal, Dani on seed rain during longleaf restoration, Dan on ecotones in Mongolia, and Lars about corridors as part of a symposium on habitat fragmentation experiments.  Great job, everyone!

5/2013 Check out Emily’s great blog post on the Michigan Nature Association’s website about our tallgrass prairie restoration research. [link to article]

4/2013 A big week for lab undergraduate Alisha Fischer: she is awarded the Bessey Award for Outstanding Senior in Plant Biology and follows this up by giving a wonderful capstone research presentation on how seed rain is affected by agricultural land-use legacies and restoration thinning in longleaf pine woodlands.  Way to go Alisha!

3/2013 Read about Emily’s work to engage her restoration ecology class in fen wetland restoration with the Michigan Nature Association. [link to article]

3/2013 Anna and Dan received NSF Graduate Research Fellowships!!!  Huge congrats to both of them!

3/2013 New paper in Ecology! Joe V. leads an effort to understand the functional consequences of savanna trees, forest trees, and pines for savanna understory communities.

3/2013 Chad received a KBS Summer Fellowship to begin work with plant functional traits and prairie restoration.  Congrats, Chad!

2/2013 Dani has been awarded an NSF GK-12 fellowship to work with the KBS GK-12 Bioenergy Sustainability Project.  Go Dani!

8/2012 Welcome new Brudvig Lab gradute students Daniel Brickley, Anna Groves, and Chad Zirbel!

8/6-10/2012 The lab heads to ESA and gives a number of presentations. Topics, in no particular order, include: prairie community assembly; agricultural land-use legacies; plant diversity and ecosystem function during restoration; corridors, plant-animal interactions, and plant population dynamics; and the functional consequences of savanna vs. forest trees for understory plant communities.

5/2012 More great news – Chris has accepted a faculty position, too!  Starting in August, he will be an Assistant Professor of Conservation Biology at Kutztown University.  Congrats, Chris!

5/2012 Brett has accepted a faculty position!  Starting in August, he will be an Assistant Professor of Terrestrial Ecology at Eastern Connecticut State University.  Fantastic news and a huge congratulations to Brett!

4/2012 New paper in Ecology – landscape connectivity modifies local-regional species richness relationships during succession.

4/2012 New paper in Ecological Applications showing how corridors can promote fire – a long-untested conservation concern.

1/20 – 1/21/2012 MI Stewardship Network meeting.  Emily and Lars present on prairie restoration and community assembly; Mitch Lettow, Doug Landis, and Lars give two presentations on oak savanna restoration and pollination.

12/13 – 12/17/2011 Chris makes a trip to MSU for a bit of writing.  He introduces Lars to Gueuze!

12/7 – 12/11/2011 Lars is at SRS to work with John Herrmann, our new Corridor Project postdoc.  Welcome to the project, John!

11/29-12/1/2011 Lars heads to D.C. for the annual SERDP meeting and presents a poster on land-use legacies, soil compaction, and longleaf understory diversity.

11/2011 The e360 details our work to restore longleaf pine woodlands in the Southeast.  Joe is the star of the article!   Check it out.

11/2011 New publication in Landscape Ecology investigating seed predation as a mechanism for biodiversity spillover.

10/17 – 10/28/2011 Joe V. is on campus at MSU to analyze data and write.  He and Lars find time for quite a few running miles!

8/23/2011 New publication out in Forest Ecology and Management detailing effects of encroachment and restoration on savanna oak trees.

8/8 – 8/12 Lars, Chris, and Emily head to ESA to present on spillover effects, remnant longleaf communities, and plant-mycorrhizae interactions.

8/2011 Emily Grman begins a postdoc in the Brudvig Lab.  Welcome Emily!

8/2/2011 Do corridors promote plant parasites?  It depends on how parasites disperse.  New publication in Ecology.

7/2011 Lars’ American Journal of Botany restoration review article is ‘Recommended’ by Faculty of 1000.

7/8/2011 Lars and Dani return from a month in SC – field work with the Corridor, Remnant, and Longleaf Community Assembly projects.

5/2011 Dani Fegan begins grad work in the Brudvig Lab.  Welcome Dani!

5/2011 Lars and Chris recieve a grant from the US Forest Service to understand restoration of longleaf pine woodland fragments and their use as population sources for landscape restoration.

4/2011 New paper in Ecography: historical land use and present-day land management interact to shape longleaf pine woodland understory communities.

3/2011 Lars’ invited review article on biodiversity restoration is out, at American Journal of Botany – part of a special issue on biodiversity.

2/8/2011 Lars heads down the street to talk about biodiversity restoration in the MSU Forestry department.

1/21-22/2011 Lars gives a talk and a poster on oak savanna restoration at the Michgian Stewardship Network Conference.

1/2011 New paper in Restoration Ecology, showing dispersal limitation of woodland understory herbs during restoration.

12/10/2010 New grant from NSF to study dispersal of plant and insect communities.

11/30-12/2/2010 Lars is in D.C. for the annual SERDP meeting and presents a poster on longleaf understory classification.

11/29/2010 Stephanie Wagner (re)joins the lab!  Following two years with the Corridor Project and a fall working for TNC, Stephanie makes the move to MSU.  Welcome!

11/12/2010 Lars visits Hope College to talk about corridors and plant biodiversity.

10/8/2010 Lars visits Iowa State to talk about biodiversity restoration.

9/20/2010  Lars is back at MSU after a busy and exciting field season.  See pictures!

8/2 – 8/6/2010  ESA.  Lars talks about restoration, biodiversity, and carbon and Lauren talks about corridors and parasites.  Brett and Maria present posters on longleaf understory beta diversity and reference communties, respectively.

6/2010  New paper out in Forest Ecology and Management, showing interaction between site-level management and landscape composition for Iowa bird communities.