Anna Groves

My research focuses on the effects of anthropogenic impacts on plant communities.  This includes factors considered to have a negative impact on the plant community, such as invasive species or agricultural land use legacies, as well as those considered to be positive, such as ecological restoration and land management.  I hope to better understand how these factors work together to mold plant community composition and function in order to promote effective land management decisions.

I joined the Brudvig lab in the fall of 2012 after earning a B.A. in Environmental Studies at Illinois Wesleyan University (’11).  As an undergraduate, I conducted a research project analyzing population levels of Red-tailed Hawks and American Kestrels and their relation to latitude using five years of winter raptor survey data.  I worked four field seasons in Illinois and Nevada, where I became fascinated by the way in which the plant community acts as an interesting and practical foundation for projects aimed at restoration and conservation.

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Anna Groves
Graduate student
Michigan State University
Department of Plant Biology