Brudvig Lab Alumni


Nash Turley (2014-17). Currently postdoc at University of Central Florida.

Emily Grman (2011-14). Currently Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University.

John Herrmann (2011-14). Currently postdoc at Kiel University.

Joe Veldman (2010-14). Currently postdoc at Iowa State University.

Chris Habeck (2010-12). Currently Assistant Professor, Kutztown University.

Brett Mattingly (2010-12). Currently Assistant Professor, Eastern Connecticut State University.

Graduate Students

Dani Fegan. M.S., 2015. The effects of agricultural legacies and contemporary restoration on seed rain in longleaf pine woodlands.


Joe Ledvina (2009-2016)

Mike Epperly (2011-14).

Alisha Fischer (2013-14).

Stephanie Wagner (2010-11).

Plant Biology Senior Capstone Research Projects

Andrew Borin (2017). Competition between prairie herbs and Panicum capillare (witchgrass).

Meg Kargul (2017). Effects of habitat fragmentation and corridors on herbivory and performance of Carphephorus bellidifolius. Bessey Award for Outstanding Undergraduate in Plant Biology.

Mary Linabury (2017). Seed predation during first year prairie restorations.

Carrie Barker (2015). The effects of soil from different land-use histories on plant growth. Bessey Award for Outstanding Undergraduate in Plant Biology.

Samantha Stockwell (2014). Comparing vegetative characteristics, butterfly distributions, and interrelated correlations across various habitat types and restoration treatments.

Alisha Fischer (2013). Effect of agricultural land-use legacies and restoration efforts on seed rain. Bessey Award for Outstanding Undergraduate in Plant Biology.

Westley Wallace (2011).  Gall formation and seed production on Solidago altissima in response to habitat fragmentation.